About Us

eBebewa is a Web-based and Mobile App Marketplace which provides on-demand luggage delivery service to Clients. It allows two types of users on the platform: Clients (those who want their goods to be transported), and Freelance delivery Drivers (drivers who transport Clients’ goods). The basic idea behind eBebewa is letting Clients find the ideal Freelance Drivers who can deliver their luggage to the desired destinations. To be able to use the platform, a Driver or a Client need to register from our website (www.ebebewa.com) or download the eBebewa app from the play store on his/her phone.


The idea behind eBebewa is inspired by a desire to address the following problems/challenges:

  • Shippers not getting appropriate vehicles to transport their goods.
  • After dropping off luggage, Drivers returning with their vehicles empty.
  • Drivers being constrained by geographical boundaries.
  • Lack of a central “Meeting Place” for Shippers and Freelance Drivers.
  • Reliability and security of drivers.
  • Compliance to hygiene especially with the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Small and medium-sized businesses on the verge of closure due to lack of supplies especially at this time of COVID-19.

How It Works

The platform connects the closest willing Clients (those who want their goods to be transported) to willing Freelance delivery Drivers. The Drivers use their own vehicles to provide delivery services. The whole process is very simple;

a) For Clients:

  • Register as a Client
  • Post luggage delivery orders/jobs
  • Communicate and agree with a Driver on delivery terms
  • Confirm luggage delivery and make payment on eBebewa platform (using either a credit card or via MPesa)

b) For Freelance Drivers:

  • Register as a Driver
  • View/Search and apply for delivery orders/jobs that interest you
  • Communicate and agree with the Client on delivery terms
  • Deliver the luggage and get paid

Why Use eBebewa

eBebewa platform works effectively by simplifying some major challenges faced by both Clients and Freelance delivery Drivers such as:

The need for Clients to hire full-time delivery Drivers.
The limitation of Clients finding ideal delivery Driver within the constraints of geographical boundaries.
The hustle of a Freelance Driver finding jobs/luggage to deliver.
Minimizing physical contacts especially with this COVID-19 pandemic.
Avoid usage of cash in transactions especially with this COVID-19 pandemic.

With eBebewa, the above issues are addressed. Registered Clients on eBebewa platform can get their luggage delivery tasks done by the eBebewa Freelance delivery Drivers without necessarily hiring delivery Drivers at their premises.


To be a global leader in logistics, create economic opportunities and improve livelihoods through e-Commerce.


Our mission is to fundamentally transform the global logistics market by leveraging groundbreaking technologies to empower our Clients and Freelance Drivers to connect and transact on a unique platform that meets their transportation needs.


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  2. Service
  3. Boldness
  4. Empowerment