eBebewa Platform

eBebewa platform is transforming and facilitating the way Clients find (and transact with) Freelance delivery Drivers for their luggage delivery tasks. Our robust and unique data repository leverages the power of machine learning to match ideal Drivers with Clients’ delivery jobs. Once a Driver is matched with a delivery job, the platform offers collaboration and communication features, as well as invoicing to better manage delivery engagements.

About Us

eBebewa is a Web-based and Mobile App Marketplace which provides on-demand luggage delivery service to Clients. It allows two types of users on the platform: Clients (those who want their goods to be transported), and Freelance delivery Drivers (drivers who transport Clients’ goods). The basic idea behind eBebewa is letting Clients find the ideal Freelance Drivers who can deliver their luggage to the desired destinations. To be able to use the platform, a Driver or a Client need to register from our website (www.ebebewa.com) or download the eBebewa app from the play store on his/her phone.

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To be a global leader in logistics, create economic opportunities and improve livelihoods through e-Commerce.


Our mission is to fundamentally transform the global logistics market by leveraging groundbreaking technologies to empower our Clients and Freelance Drivers to connect and transact on a unique platform that meets their transportation needs.


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